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Dear Parents and Carers,

Most parents of adolescent children would be aware of the online game, ‘Fortnite’. For many young people, the addictive nature of this game is having adverse effects on children’s behaviour and affecting their mental health. With over 125 million registered players worldwide, this game encourages players to battle each other to death using a variety of weaponry.

With an age rating of 13+, this game raises many cybersafe concerns. Unfortunately, it allows unmoderated chat between players, leaving children exposed to be contactable by 'randomers' online. This function alone makes it unsuitable for primary aged children.

The link below reviews the potential dangers associated with the online game, 'Fortnite'.

Kind regards,

Julie Wiley


Handyman/Carpenter needed

We need someone to make a wooden cross and stand for us. Can you help? We will pay for materials. Email

Attention Yr2 Parents

Sacrament of Reconciliation registration is after Mass this Sunday - 9:30am

February 12 Newsletter

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February 5 Newsletter

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Yr 6 Leadership Assembly Correction

The Yr 6 Leadership Assembly will be on Friday FEBRUARY 14 at 9am. Apologies for the error.

Fire Activity

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to the school year. We are looking forward to welcoming the students back to school on Monday. 

As you would be aware the recent fire activity in the ACT region is predicted to escalate over the weekend.  In the event that we need to communicate with you should the school be impacted in any way we ask you to monitor the following: 

We continue to keep all of our community in our prayers. We also pray for and thank our wonderful emergency services and RFS personnel who are working tirelessly to protect our communities.

Kind regards,

Julie Wiley


Yr 6 Leadership Assembly

The Yr 6 Leadership Assembly will be at 9am on Friday March 14.

Welcome back


A couple of messages and reminders...

1. School resumes for all students on Monday 3 February - Kinder students have their rest/assessment day for the first 3 Wednesday's.
2. Sport Days for all Year Levels will be on Wednesday and Friday.
3. Please ensure Summer uniform is according to the guidelines. (See school website). A reminder that all students must have black leather school shoes and predominately white shoes for PE.
4. The calendar on the website is up-to-date...a few more things to be added when school starts.

Recent Bushfires

Recent bushfires.