Pastoral Care Policy

At St Thomas More's our mission is to provide a quality education in a Christ centred community, promote a love of learning and nurture the potential of all.


The St Thomas More’s school community strives to nurture the growth of all individuals through a supportive, inclusive and Christian atmosphere. St Thomas More’s Primary School bases its decisions and actions on its belief that the school is a faith community promoting the values and teaching of Jesus and the Catholic Church.

Our Pastoral Care and Student Management policy seeks to reinforce and extend Christian teachings within the school environment. This is achieved by all members – teachers, children, parents and members of the community - leading and caring for each other in a way that expresses the teachings of Christ in our daily lives. We believe that all members of the community should be treated with dignity and respect. They should feel that they are a valued member of the school community.  This affects what we teach and how we teach.


The community of St Thomas More’s believes that:

  • all children have the right to learn and play in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment
  • all community members have the right to feel safe
  • behaviour management should be holistic with the focus being directed to the behaviour or action and not the individual
  • Restorative Practices focus on repairing the harm done to people and relationships, rather than on punishing offenders
  • children should be aware of consequences so they take responsibility for their behaviour and develop self-control
  • a consequence is a result of an action and consequences must always be fair.
  • consistent and effective discipline practices foster Christian values
  • the school does not permit corporal punishment of students attending the school, and that the school does not explicitly or implicitly sanction the administering of corporal punishment by non-persons (including parents) to enforce discipline at school.

Rights and Responsibilities

Every student at St Thomas More’s has the right to:

  • feel safe always
  • learn
  • be respected

 Every student at St Thomas More’s has the responsibility to:

  • ensure every person has a chance to learn
  • follow the school rules
  • strive for one’s personal best
  • be a role model to others

School Expectations


Learning Support

St Thomas More's has an inclusive approach to education. The policy of inclusion in the school means that children who come to the school with disabilities are able to take part in the full school program.

Early intervention is provided for children throughout the school who have difficulty in acquiring the skills of literacy and numeracy.

We aim to meet the needs of children who demonstrate highly academic abilities. We provide Enrichment Classes for students operating well above their year level.