Parent Handbook

2024 Parent Handbook

Starting School

Kindergarten Orientation Day

To assist with the transition from home to school, all new Kindergarten children are invited to spend a group session of several hours, towards the end of the year, experiencing the routine of school life. If staffing arrangements are finalised the prospective Kindergarten teacher conducts the activities.

First Three Weeks of Kindergarten

During the first three weeks on the school year the Kindergarten children are provided with one rest/assessment day.

Parents are advised at the Kindergarten Orientation Day which days they will be required to arrange care. This day is generally a Wednesday.

Step Up Afternoon for Other Grades

Children will be offered the opportunity to spend an afternoon with their nominated class group before commencing at St Thomas More's.

Parent Engagement Coordinator - Defence School Mentors

St Thomas More's employs a Parent Engagement Coordinator and Defence School Mentors to support our families with starting school.