St Thomas More's Primary School is open to all who are willing to commit to support the philosophy, values and aims of Catholic schooling. The Catholic Education Commission aims to provide the choice of Catholic schooling to all those seeking a Catholic education for their children.

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Learning Support

St Thomas More's has an inclusive approach to education. The policy of inclusion in the school means that children who come to the school with disabilities are able to take part in the full school program.

Early intervention is provided for children throughout the school who have difficulty in acquiring the skills of literacy and numeracy.

We aim to meet the needs of children who demonstrate highly academic abilities. We provide Enrichment Classes for students operating well above their year level.

Defence School Transition Aide

St Thomas More’s Primary School is a great choice of school for children of Defence families because:

  • the school has been attended by Defence families for many years and the teachers and staff are familiar with issues associated with high mobility and deployments
  • it is a comparatively small primary school with a friendly and inclusive community
  • the school is located in close proximity to ADFA and RMC which fall within the immediate catchment area for enrolment; also, close to Russell, Campbell Park, Duntroon and Brindabella Park Offices.
  • a Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) is on staff and dedicated to supporting Defence families.

The current DSTA is Sonja Mingay. Sonja can be contacted on 6249 8869 or sonja.mingay@cg.catholic.edu.au 

Orientation Days

Kindergarten Orientation Day

To assist with the transition from home to school, all new Kindergarten children are invited to spend a group session of several hours, towards the end of the year, experiencing the routine of school life. If staffing arrangements are finalised the prospective Kindergarten teacher conducts the activities.

First Three Weeks of Kindergarten

During the first three weeks on the school year the Kindergarten children are provided with one rest/assessment day.

Parents are advised at the Kindergarten Orientation Day which days they will be required to arrange care. This day is generally a Wednesday.

Step Up Afternoon for Other Grades

Children will be offered the opportunity to spend an afternoon with their nominated class group prior to commencing at St Thomas More's.