Yearly Timetable

Term 1
Early Term 1 Parent Information Evening+ Information handout
Each class teacher prepares an overview of the forthcoming year for his/her class. Items that are included are:
  • Curriculum Content Overviews
  • Homework policy
  • Request for parent helpers/volunteers if required
  • Class library day, The Arts, etc.
  • School Expectations
Late Term 1 School Expectations Interim Report
Parent/Teacher Interviews to collect interim report and discuss how your child has settled into the school routine, relates with their peers and identify any parental concerns.
Term 2
Week 3/4 NAPLAN for Yr 3 & 5
Mid to Late Term 2 Open Classrooms
Late Term 2 Semester 1 School Report
Parent Teacher Interviews
Term 3
Mid Term 3 NAPLAN results for Yr 3 & 5
As required Parent Teacher Interviews
Term 4
Late Term 4 Semester 2 School Report
Parent/Teacher Interview as required